We are proud to share this feedback from a student about our CFU Spanish classes:

“2016 marks the beginning of my second year in CFU Spanish classes, and I am, as always, impressed with the quality of teaching and materials offered.  In fact, I have told many others about CFU, and one of my coworkers has even joined in the ranks and my company has renewed our corporate membership.

I think adult education is very important, be it for a young professional like myself or my 70 year old Spanish classmate.  CFU is a great Denver institution and I am glad for your offerings, from Spanish, to piano, to cooking, to general topic lectures.  I hope that the school continues to grow and can start adding back Spanish Immerson Days and other programs that are mentioned on the Spanish Center website but are not in the current offerings catalogue.

So cheers to everyone at CFU and the Spanish Center for a job well done.  I look forward to being a CFU student for a long time.”

–K. S.