Special Opportunities

A little something for everyone! From hard skills to entertainment CFU offers a wide menu of possibilities. Special events add variety and certification opportunities enable you to advance in your career.


The goal of Colorado Free University is to offer a variety of learning experiences and to have fresh, new opportunities available all the time. Our featured classes include courses that we offer on an occasional basis, presentations by folks who come to us from other parts of the country, or classes that fill a unique niche. These courses are meant to compliment the terrific offerings that we bring on a regular ongoing basis.


Recurring Special Classes

CFU featured classes come to us from instructors from around the nation. We are pleased to present nonprofit workshops with Lynn O’Connell who hails from Alexandria, VA. Kevin Boyd from Seattle teaches eBay classes as well as a class on creating your own website and on emergency preparedness. We are fortunate to have professional traveler, Gina Henry, her bring her information-packed seminars to CFU. Learn how to travel safely and cheaply, find out out to be a digital nomad, and and get the scoop on teaching English in other locations. See Gina’s workshops here. 

We have local folks who create special opportunities for students as well.  The delightful Peter J. Hughes leads inspiring conversations to support people to come into alignment with their higher purpose. Peter is a professional muse, a master change facilitator, with seventeen years of vibe-alignment training and facilitating experience to his credit. Peter is a gifted change facilitator and intuitive. Students find Peter to be a bright light and his classes to be transformative.He will give you an overview of the principles of the law of attraction and lead you through straight talk and experiences to transform fear into love and open yourself to intuitive guidance.

One-time Special Events and Classes

On August 5 we offer a power-packed afternoon: Embracing Change: Create the Life You Want. Presenters include Debra Fine, Heidi Halus and Melissa Bauknight. Helen Hand and Carol Core will facilitate. Check it out and get registered for this one-of-a-kind opportunity to et traction in your life.

Karen Storsteen is a psychic medium, intuitive therapist, executive coach and educator. She is able to bridge the worlds of science and psychology with spiritual and intuitive understanding. Karen offered an occasional workshop with us when she lived in Denver. and now e are able to bring her to us on zoom. Register now for the popular, Intuitive Development & Spirit CommunicationYon October 22. You’ll learn how to tap into your own intuitive abilities. Participants will receive short psychic readings from Karen during class.


While you won’t get a degree at CFU, there are opportunities to delve into areas in more depth. CFU has created programs in digital marketing and nonprofit leadership and administration. You can also get training in medical transcription and mediation or expand your learning with courses offered online by some of our instructors. 

Nonprofit Administration and Leadership Certification

Colorado Free University supports mission-based organizations and the passionate people who work with those organizations. Our classes in the nonprofit area give people the skills and strategies they need to contribute effectively. Learn about starting a nonprofit, fundraising, developing a board of directors, working with volunteers, and more. Students who take the courses in our program receive a certificate that demonstrates that they have a good, basic foundation in nonprofit management and development. 

The courses taught by our nonprofit consultant Lynn O’Connell form the core of our nonprofit program. Lynn has worked in the nonprofit sector for 30 years. As a consultant, she writes proposals for both nonprofit organizations and small businesses. She is executive director of Computer C.O.R.E., giving low-income adults technological and professional skills needed to pursue their career aspirations. She is editor of two publications for nonprofit professionals, Development Director’s Letter and WealthEngine News. Lynn holds a certificate in nonprofit management from Duke University as well as a Master’s in philanthropy from Indiana University.

Find out more about CFU’s Nonprofit Administration and Leadership Certification here.

Mediation Training 

In partnership with Phoenix Strategies, Inc. CFU offers a basic training in mediation that begins on August 21 and runs all-day for 5 days. This training is for anyone involved in conflict management on a personal or professional level. The 40-hour basic mediation course is the recommended minimum requirement for, and serves as your foundation to building a career as a mediator in the state of Colorado. 

Since 1997, Phoenix Strategies has been a leader in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services and training in Colorado Springs & Denver. Relationships are the heart of PSI’s conflict management services and training. The Collaborative, Facilitative and Interest-Based Model™ (CFI) is the heart of Phoenix Strategies, Inc.’s services and training. Not only is this model used to manage conflict, but it can be used in our daily, personal and professional activities.
The next 40-hour training will be the week of August 21, 2023. These online trainings are limited to 12 people and fill quickly.

Find the next training and register here.

Medical Transcription

In partnership with Deborah’s Touch, Inc. CFU offers a home study course in Medical Transcription.  There is a growing need for medical transcriptionists, and well-trained, entrepreneurial types can make great money working either from home with electronic files, or onsite within a medical facility. This hands-on, comprehensive, self-study training program requires no prior medical experience. 

Deborah Burns, President of Deborah’s Touch, Inc., has been a medical transcriptionist for more than 30 years. She operates a national medical transcription service, and teaches business courses for colleges and adult learning programs throughout the U.S. Her staff includes on-site office and clerical, as well as 35 home-based medical transcriptionists. She has helped design books and reference materials used in medical transcription programs, such as Louisiana State University, Edison College (FL), Union College (NJ), and Bucks Community College (PA), has participated in business panels and national forums, and is a consultant for business groups. 

Learn about the Medical Transcription program

CFU is a lifelong learning center offering skill-building and enrichment classes. CFU offers no degrees and is not an accredited school. There are no barriers to participation and classes are open to everyone. You aren’t graded and there aren’t requirements you have to meet to take advantage. Instructors are vetted for their knowledge, enthusiasm, and capacity to convey their material in effective and engaging ways.


Instructors who have offered classes here at Colorado Free University provide additional learning opportunities that we are able to make available to our students.

Cheryl Bartlett

Cheryl Barlett, who teaches How to Become a thriving Life Coach also offers a Life Coach certification training. With two decades of experience, Cheryl has trained and certified coaches around the country. Call the CFU office at (303) 399-0093 ext 0 and reference Cheryl and course #2807. We’ll get you in touch with Cheryl for a free consultation to learn about the program options, costs, and how you might start your training.

Paul Mladjenovic $50 Wealth-Builder

The $50 Wealth-Builder gives you what you need to know to start investing with as little as $50 to get rich slowly! Learn how to invest starting with small amounts in investments such as bonds, stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, real estate and precious metals.

Among what will be covered is …

  •  The 5 things you must do before you invest your first dollar
  •  Mini-crash course for retirement (reaching financial independence!)
  •  How to start on the path toward your first $1 million (the 4 ways to start)
  •   How to start investing in bonds with as little as $25
  •   How to buy stocks starting with $50 (or less!)
  •  Understanding exchange traded funds (ETFs) and why they can be great for most investors
  •  Mutual Funds; How to choose them. The 6 steps to choosing the right one for you
  •  Which types of investments are good (or bad) for today’s economy
  •  How to easily buy income-producing real estate starting with under $100
  •  Buying precious metals as a diversification from paper assets
  •  Included will also be resources to help you you every step of the way

Although there is over 8 hours of content, you don’t need to view or listen to all of it. All the video content comes bite-sized! Most videos are in the 5-9 minute range so you can view as much or as little as you need.

All of this for only $49!

Once you pay for the program, you’ll receive an email with a link to download the information as a .zip. The included .pdf file contains links to the videos. You’ll also get a coupon code to use at Udemy.com to download about 3 hours of audio content to listen to at your leisure.

Purchase The $50 Wealth-Builder here