Business, Marketing, Careers, & Nonprofit Administration

Colorado Free University is all about making knowledge accessible and giving people the tools they need to succeed. Instructors who offer classes through CFU are motivated by a desire to share the experience they have gained working in their fields. Classes are small and there is always time for interaction and getting your specific questions answered.

Business Strategies & Tools

Running your own business or working for a small business offers incredible opportunities for freedom and creativity! Still, gaining traction can be tough and entrepreneurs often feel like they’re “out there” alone, with no safety net. That’s where CFU classes come in. 

Business classes are taught by people with real-world experience who are in the trenches themselves. For tens of dollars you can get information and ideas that you might pay hundreds of dollars for from a consultant. Learn about finances, taxes, copyrights, business planning and more. See the classes that give you skills and tools.

Digital & Business Marketing

We cater to small business owners and marketing directors who wear lots of hats and may have limited budgets. You can learn the keys to marketing and find out how to use the digital space to promote your business most effectively. Whether you intend to do the marketing yourself or just want to know enough to have meaningful conversations with your marketing manager, our classes will help. 


We offer classes to support people who are seeking to make changes in their work life.  Some classes explore what a particular career might involve, while others give actual training. You’ll also find classes that offer you tools and strategies for finding a new job or career path. See the class offering here.

One highly rated opportunity to get your career on a new track is offered by Sheila Clemenson, owner of Transitions Coaching Service, LLC. Learn about her three-session course, Discover Your Dream Job: Find What Suits You, here.

Three times a year, CFU offers a 40-hour basic mediation training course for those who want to start a mediation practice or incorporate mediation into their current toolkit. This training provided by Michelle Noyes of Phoenix Strategies meets the recommendations of the Mediation Association of Colorado for basic training.

Nonprofit Strategies

You want to make a difference and do meaningful work. You have a passion. CFU classes can help you get started or give you skills to make your current nonprofit more successful. Whether you are starting a not-for-profit, on the staff of an organization, or sit on a board, our courses will give you new insights and tools. Supporting your nonprofit is always an issue and our classes can help you with grant writing and other ways of fundraising. Find the class offering here.

CFU has created a certificate program for those who want to go into some depth in their training. Nonprofit consultant, Lynn O’Connell, who comes to us from Alexandria, Virginia, offers a series of classes that form the core of this program. Lynn has an extensive background in nonprofit administration and loves lifting up others to realize their visions. 

and build your business

Colorado Free University is always seeking to refresh our offerings. If you have an area of expertise, a passion to share, and an interest in connecting with others, we encourage you to consider offering a class through us. All instructors are independent contractors who create their own classes based on their knowledge and interests. Teaching a class can be a way to network with other professionals and to forge relationships with potentials clients or customers. What better way to gain a new client than by offering something of genuine value and demonstrating your knowledge and skill?

Click here to learn about submitting a proposal to teach a class at CFU. Individual classes are generally short, many just a one evening or one afternoon session, so it’s not a huge time commitment. We ask that you be ready to offer your class once every month to two months so that there can be multiple opportunities for people to take the class. Once you submit your proposal that is a good fit for CFU, school president Helen Hand will contact you to set up an interview and to work with you to set up the details. Teaching at CFU isn’t a big money-maker for instructors, but it can be a great way to make connections. And, as a teacher, you are able to take many of the other classes we offer for free.


Computer Training

Being up to date with your computer skills is essential for business and career success. You and your employees can brush up on Microsoft Excel or Word, find out how to create better presentations, or delve into the Adobe Creative programs. Find out about available computer training here.


Being able to speak Spanish or another foreign language can be a huge asset for your business or your career. CFU’s Spanish Center offers classes for beginners all the way through advanced. You can get one-on-one instruction as well or have one of our teachers work with your employees at your business. We also offer beginning Japanese, French, Italian and Russian for those who plan to travel or want to be able to have basic conversations with colleagues or business associates from other countries. Look at the language classes we offer.

Communication Skills

Positive presentation and good communication skills are critical for achievement in the professional arena. Whether your presentation is in writing or verbally, you need to show that you know your stuff and be able to convey your ideas effectively. You need to be able to stand up for yourself, solve problems, and use your strengths. Check out classes that can give you the life skills to improve how you show up in the world.

Balance Your Effort with Good Self-Care

One of the best things about CFU is the wide menu of classes that we offer. Someone can take hard skill classes to give them the edge in their business and then lighten the mood with Ghost Walk or cooking class. Entrepreneurs must have the stamina and endurance for the long haul, so it is important to develop good ways to de-stress and nurture themselves. Click here to find classes that can help you take care of yourself and optimize your well-being.