Nonprofit Administration and Leadership Training Certification

Learn skills to succeed in the nonprofit sector

Nonprofit training in Denver--give a helping hand

This certificate in nonprofit leadership and administration establishes a foundation for those wanting to work in the nonprofit sector. It is an opportunity to get nonprofit training in Denver. CFU is not an accredited university and the certificate is not a university degree, but the course of study will enable someone starting out in the not-for-profit world to learn the basics. To earn the certificate, students must complete ten (10) classes, at least seven (7) coming from the list of Core Courses. 

NOTE: It is not necessary to enroll or pay for a special certificate program course. Simply start taking any of the qualifying classes listed below and contact the office when you think you’ve fulfilled the requirements or are getting close. We’ll review your record and issue a certificate. It is possible to complete a certificate in 3-6 months. Courses in this nonprofit training in Denver are short and practical. You can take them in any order.

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Core Courses:

  • How to Start a Nonprofit Organization (#7105)
  • Become a Grant Writer (#3271)
  • How to Create a Business Plan that Works (#3272)
  • Building Your Nonprofit for the Future: Strategic Planning that Works (#7106)
  • The 3 R’s of Volunteers: Recruitment, Retention, and Recognition (#7104)
  • Building & Developing the Best Board (#3205)
  • Orientation to the Nonprofit World (#7107)
  • Successful Fundraising for Nonprofits (#7108)
  • Equity & Inclusion Certification Program (#8877 counts for two core courses)
  • Inclusive Leadership: Essential for Aspiring Leaders, Boards, & Corporations (#8880)


  • Discover DISC: Improve Your Communication & Interpersonal Skills (#3227)
  • Discover Your Talents, Develop Your Strengths (#3226)
  • Branding Your Business (#3208)
  • Vision Statement Workshop (#2087)
  • Resume Writing Strategies (#3107)
  • Immigration 101 (#8627)
  • Any CFU business/marketing course

Updated October 2022