CFU Partner Online Courses

In addition to our own online classes, CFU provides a variety of opportunities to learn skills. Beyond our regular classes, we have partners who present their own training through Colorado Free University.

Video Make Easy:  Shoot and Edit Video All with Your Smart Phone!

Heather Hukari is offering the online course to CFU students at a HUGE discount. Click here to get this $1000+ value for just $89. Use code CFU to get the discount! Your purchase will not include private consultation or the 1:1 video review, but you can arrange that with Heather separately if you want.

This course is your one-stop-shop to learn how to shoot and edit awesome videos on your smartphone. This course is great for:

  • Small business owners
  • Entrepreneurs with great ideas
  • Budding home video creators
Digital Marketing Fundamentals with Andrea Palten

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

CFU now offers an online option to learn the basics of digital marketing. Get an overview of the field and learn about strategy. Each week there will be an online module of content-rich videos that you can view at the time of your choosing. Then join instructor Andrea Palten for a Zoom meeting where you can get specific questions answered and take a deeper dive into the applications to your specific business. Topics include the “ideal customer avatar”, branding and messaging, websites and driving traffic, metrics, SEO, content marketing, email, ads, and more. Andrea Palten is a Marketing Expert specializing in lead generation through digital marketing with 18 years of experience in the field. She received a marketing certificate from Cornell University. She’s worked in numerous industries and currently owns her own marketing coaching company.  She is eager to bring this especially high-value online opportunity through Colorado Free University. Visit for more information and to register.

Medical Transcription A to Z: An Outstanding Home Study Course

Demand is soaring for good medical transcriptionists, and well-trained, entrepreneurial types can make great money working either from home with electronic files, or onsite within a medical facility. This hands-on, comprehensive, self-study training program requires no prior medical experience. The program is flexible and there’s no time-limit for completion, but motivated types can get up and running in approximately 6 months of dedicated 10+ hours a week of study. Learn about the training and register.