iPhoneApple versus the Government:  what is it really all about?  No doubt you’ve heard it in the news and have a strong opinion, but how much do you understand the technology under discussion and it’s impact on either side of the fence?  One side is concerned with unfettered access to private information, by governments both local and international, as well as potentially bad actors, thereby threatening a person’s “right to privacy.”  The other side is concerned with public safety and being able to protect against future terrorist attacks or other horrific crimes.  In the class Maintaining Electronic Privacy in the Modern Age, an unbiased discussion of the issue from a technical perspective arms the student with knowledge, not in an attempt to sway or change opinions, but rather to better follow and participate in the dialog of the year.  Regardless if eventually Apple will cooperate with the government’s order or take the fight to the Supreme Court, this class also brings awareness to the student of privacy concerns in the electronic world, and methods to mitigate potential exposure.
Chris Murphy teaches Maintaining Electronic Privacy in the Modern Age and Safe Computing in the Unsafe Age of Hackers & Data Breaches: Computer Security for the Home Use