Browsing through our catalog, you might have missed these very special classes:

  • Lie Like a Rug:  Deception Made Simple;
  • Acting Dead on Camera;
  • The Fine Art of Being a Wallflower:  How to Stand in the Corner by Yourself, Appear Unapproachable, and Disaappear Completely;
  • 51 Ways to Blow a Job Interview:  A Foolproof Way to Live a Life of Leisure;
  • Medical Ceramics:  Make Your Own Replacement Parts and Implants

These classes are offered only on April 1 in collaboration with our sister school, Colorado Expen$ive University.  If you’d like to learn more, email me,, and I’ll send you a copy of my latest e-newsletter, highlighting these classes.  See a sample of one class here below:

Acting Dead on Camera
April 1

Just because you have absolutely NO ACTING TALENT doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful career acting in television and film. In fact, having no talent is a real asset for casting directors looking to fill very specific roles found in every major Hollywood movie and successful television show: dead people! From random crime victims, bodies in the morgue, or post-apocalyptic set dressing, dead characters have never been more in demand! Students will learn when it’s okay to breathe and when it’s not, how to avoid finding your character’s inner motivation, and how to remove those pesky blood stains form your clothes. When acting dead, less really is more! Eli Still has been coaching actors for decades in the art of playing dead and has placed actors in movies such as Apocolypse Now, Good Fellas, Day of the Dead, Dexter, and Pulp Fiction.
(Created by Patrick Sheridan, teacher of Acting for the Camera.)