Batik Watercolor Class

Example of student work from Batik Watercolor class.

Dig in and try something new this fall with one of our fun art classes.
I’ve always wanted to learn to paint with watercolors, and last weekend I finally signed up for No Fear Watercolor–the landscapes session.
The class was taught by Teresa Smith and really lived up to its name. There were many beginners in class, but Teresa’s demonstrations of watercolor technique made it easy to understand how to achieve various effects.
Teresa offered encouragement and constructive criticism for each person. She gave students with more experience extra challenges. I couldn’t believe how much I learned in just one class! I left with four paintings and a well-spring of ideas and enthusiasm.
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Or browse all our arts & crafts catagories and classes and find that topic that you’ve always wanted to try and sign up today.  You’ll be glad you did!