Barbara Winter inspires entrepreneurs every time we are lucky enough to have her here in Denver.
Barbara’s coming to Denver again this spring–March 23 & 24–with some favorite seminars and a new one.
If you’ve never attended Barbara’s Making a Living without a Job, you really should make sure you attend. Based on her best-selling  book of the same title, this seminar may be just what you need to leave the 9 to 5 world behind and break out on your own. Students tell us over and over how much they gain from attending this informative and inspirational class.
Certainly you are an expert at what you do, but how do you make a living at it? Barbara Winter teaches you how in Establish Yourself as an Expert.
Not to be missed is Barbara Winter’s new class, Become a Great Idea Detective. If you are someone who has ideas but doubts there worth or let’s them rest without developing them to their full potential, take this seminar and learn how to seize your creativity and give it wings.
See all of Barbara’s classes here and sign up today!