What Is This “Un-Job Fair”??
By Barbara Winter
During the years I lived in Las Vegas, our local news had at least one story a week about a job fair. We’d be shown long lines of folks waiting to hand in their resumes and find a job. Any job. The number of applicants always outnumbered the job openings available.
As I watched these unhappy stories, I kept wondering why nobody was talking about alternatives to getting a job. I knew a bit about such things, after all. I started my first business the day my daughter went off to kindergarten. Now, three decades later, I had helped thousands of others start their own businesses, too.
We need an Un-Job Fair, I kept thinking.
Back in my early days of self-employment, there were few resources available. Nobody had started calling us home-based businesses. Existing materials on starting a business assumed that anyone so inclined wanted employees, pension plans, a building with their name in six-foot high gold letters. 
I simply wanted an alternative to working for somebody else. I wanted to create something of my own, doing it my own way, on my own timeline. Getting started was trial and error. Lots of error. 
Now there’s so much more information to guide us on our joyfully jobless journeys—whether we’re just getting started or getting ready to take the next step.
So, when Colorado Free University took on the challenge of organizing the first Un-Job Fair, I was thrilled. In addition to all the great classes they’ve offered all along for those wanting to explore new directions, the Un-Job Fair is like a buffet of information. It’s also a great place to gather with those who are already working for themselves and those just contemplating doing so. 
Maybe you’re not sure you’re ready—or think it may not be a fit for you. Here are some questions to ask yourself:
Got an idea but you don’t know where to take it?
Think your business is ready to move to the next step?
Are you sitting on the next big thing?
Have an idea that’s suffering from neglect?
Waiting for things to calm down?
Spend a day at the Un-Job Fair and you’re bound to come away with answers, ideas, connections, resources and enthusiasm for becoming the best boss you ever had. 
Entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, home-based businesses, and anyone thinking of launching a small business will find the Un-Job Fair: Options and Opportunities for Successful Self-Employment, June 17, 2017, the event they need.