Why come to class in Denver?  Why make the effort to register for a class and come out at night or on the weekend to sit in a classroom here at CFU?
There are so many ways to get information these days.  You can take a webinar or online course from home, in your jammies.  You can just Google what you want to know and read about it online or watch a YouTube video.
We at Colorado Free University believe there is great value in people coming together to learn.  Something unique happens when people ask questions, interact with the instructor, and share insights with each other.   Information comes alive and what you learn becomes much more personalized.  As a student, your comments and examples enrich the experience of your fellow students as well as that of your teacher.
See what Barbara Winter has written about the benefits of learning in class and join us at CFU.
Take a listen to a fascinating program on Colorado Public Radio about how poeple learn–or don’t learn!