End of Summer Recovery
Cyclocross and Mountain Bike Instructor

James Flanagan

The leaves start to turn color, cow bells start ringing and mud becomes fashionable. You have probably finished your last mountain bike races of the summer season and have found yourself gearing up for cyclocross.
As we approach fall its a good idea to use your down time to rest your body and catch up on recovery after the long mountain or road biking season.
The weeks leading into fall can be used to switch up your training by adding yoga, jogging, swimming or light weight training. This active rest will give your body time to heal, add flexibility and balance while keeping your cardio fitness level up during your down time.
Nutrition during down times should be focused on replenishing your energy stores and healing joints, tendons and muscles. A diet of cereals, pasta, fruits and vegetables including supplements like glucosamine, Amino acids and multi vitamins will help you on your way to a speedy recovery. You should always consult with a nutritionist to devise a plan that will meet your body’s specific needs.
During the periods between seasons give yourself plenty of time for passive rest where you do things like reading, sleeping or other hobbies that are low in physical exertion and don’t include a bike. Sometimes a little time away from the bike can keep a rider from burn out and help them enjoy their rides more when they return to cycling.
So now that your rested, recovered and back to wearing lycra, grab your cyclocross bike and go get dirty.
You can learn about James’ Cyclocross training class as well as his Mountain Biking Clinic in the Recreation area of our website…