Are you interested in developing your own psychic powers?
Karen Storsteen taught her first session of Develop Your Psychic Brilliance on 2/19/13 at Colorado Free University.  Read what participants in the workshop wrote:

  • “Karen is amazing and her experiences are inspiring as well as comforting.”
  • “She is awesome and well prepared.”
  • “Very well-qualified, very responsive to questions.”
  • “I was very impressed with Karen and learned a lot about my psyche.”
  • “Very energetic & informative.”
  • “I could listen and interact with Karen for hours….[[She] confirmed many ideas/beliefs I already had.”
  • “Authentic, articulate, knowledgeable.”
  • “Very giving, knowledgeable and so willing to answer our questions.”
  • “She is very positive, and credible.”
  • “Great!  Knowledgeable and easy to talk and communicate with.  Personable.”

Find her class, Develop Your Psychic Brilliance in the Self and Personal Development/Metaphysics section of CFU’s course offerings.