The 40 Words Successful People Use

Don Woodruff

Research documents a strong correlation between vocabulary level and income.  While the critical period for language development is in childhood, there are techniques that allow adults to rapidly increase their vocabulary, along with their ability to retain information, comprehend new material, and stay focused.
Here is a sample of the strategies Don Woodruff will teach you:

  1. Simplification – to simplify a word, you look at its origin. When a word was first used, it usually related to something that could be easily understood by most people. Example: the word “abstract” literally means “away from the structure.”
  2. Personalization – relating the word to personal experiences. If you have ever observed an abstract painting you will better understand the concept of being abstract. Part of this step is to vocalize sentences reflecting personal life experiences.
  3. Repetition – what you repeat over and over will become part of you. This step includes observing more and more personal examples and creating sentences that reflect the experiences.

Don will help you use these and other foolproof techniques to increase your effectiveness as a communicator, a leader and a learner. He is all about increasing your chances of professional success.
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