Gain a really thorough overview of how importing from overseas works in these workshops by Tomas Belcik.

Tomas has been importing from Asia for over 30 years. He is an absolute font of knowledge on the subject.

Take the Introduction to Importing class on October 20 to get an overview of the subject. It’s a short evening seminar designed to help you understand the scope and possibilities of opening an import business.

On Saturday, October 22, delve deeper and really get learn the nuts and bolts of how to import from different countries in How to Start an Import Business: Intensive Workshop. Tomas talks a lot about how US Customs works with importers and how to keep yourself out of trouble and making a profit. Much of the information he gives in this class is simply not available anywhere else.

Read more some of what Tomas’ students have said about these workshops over the years.

Tomas only offers these classes a few times a year, so sign up today!