Improv games are a great way to get more at ease with yourself in social situations and to improve your relationship skills.  In a fun, playful class, you can learn to listen better, be more present, respond better to what others express, and lighten up!  Students always rave about this class with Levya.  Folks in a recent class wrote:

  • “Levya is a supportive, encouraging instructor who makes it easy for students to get out of our comfort zone…I got a lot of practice and positive experiences that helps form a foundation for effective communication.”
  • “Warm, engaging, and knowledgeable. [I got out of the class] To be responsive and work on being in the moment.”
  • “This teacher was willing to help each student learn and get through without any judgement involved.”
  • “good attitude.  supportive. Encouraging.”
  • “Levya is very good and compassionate.”

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