evon davis

Evon Davis

Evon Davis, a long-time CFU writing and metaphysics teacher, shares some of her inspiring thoughts on her last Law of Attraction class coming up this weekend:
It’s that time again…. the very first workshop I ever taught at Colorado Free University, the Law of Attraction, is being held this weekend, Saturday, November 16th at 1:00pm. I started teaching this workshop seven years ago.
Saturn was in my house of earned income, and while it’s true to Saturn’s nature of constriction and discipline, I wasn’t earning much money, but I was empowering myself, both in my career and in my personal life, refusing to accept the diagnosis that I was a “depressed person.”
Now, seven years later, I’m reaching the end of this workshop running at CFU. The last one will be held in December. At the same time, I’m celebrating the journey that I’ve made these past seven years and what I have accomplished by keeping myself focused on my goals, taking actions every day to move in that direction, staying committed to personal growth, and being persistent.
The law of attraction, is all about being willing to persevere and change. If something is not working, you dig at it until you root it out. Dig that weed out and plant something better. Be willing to listen to your heart and follow its guidance. If you do that, you’ll attract into your life what you truly need and want. You’ll integrate the different parts of your being so they work together toward a goal instead of always being at war with yourself and the world.
Yesterday I gave a tarot-astrology reading and I told my client (who wasn’t seeing all the good in her life) to write down in a journal every day all the good things in her life. As I often do, I decided to take my own advice. So when I woke up this morning and remembered what I told her, I asked myself, what’s good in my life right now?
What came to mind was the sense of relaxation, ease, and joy I felt. Once upon a time, when I worked a full-time corporate job, my initial experience upon waking was stress, sometime so intense, I’d wake up depressed or enraged. I felt powerless, like I was forced to do what other people wanted me to do, not what I wanted to do. I was determined to break out of that imprisonment… and I did.
So I acknowledged and celebrated the changes I’ve made. I went from miserable “corporate slave” and a “depressed person” to being fully self-employed, doing what I love. The simple fact that I control my time and my life, that I can wake up knowing I get to spend the entire day doing what I love to do is remarkable. Instead of being depressed, I’m excited to be alive. I look forward to my day.
This is the foundation of my life, but I’ve also noticed the way things just show up in my life. I can’t go into everything, just suffice it to say that when I look over the whole scope of my life, it feels miraculous. But it required a willingness within me to persevere, to stay committed to the necessary changes.
There is a way to harness powerful forces in order to live from your heart and create the life you desire. More and more people are applying the principles of conscious creation to redirect their efforts and bring genuine joy and fulfillment into their lives. Come join this fun, spirited class that will give you actual tools to begin to transform your life. Drawing on the concepts in The Secret and books by Michael Losier, Laura Day, and Esther Hicks, Evon Davis demonstrates that we all have the capacity to be conscious creators of the lives we desire instead of living by default. Evon is the author of The Power of Manifestation: Creating a Life You Love and The Manifestation Workbook and has been actively working with these principles for years. Click on this link to register.