© incomible - Fotolia.comCFU has the best-reviewed Spanish language program in Denver.  Courses are created and scheduled for adult learners. Many of our instructors are native speakers and all have extensive teaching experience.  We break the program into five week blocks, so that you can move forward at the pace that works for you.
See some of our upcoming classes:
4/14/15–Spanish 2  This is the second class in the sequence of “level classes” where you learn grammar and vocabulary,.
Starts 4/21/15–Spanish 1    Speaking Spanish is a key skill for many business people in Denver and it opens doors for all of us.  Get started in this user-friendly beginning Spanish class.
Starts 4/21/15–Spanish Accelerated 1  Accelerated classes are created for people who have had some Spanish in the past and want to review and refresh.
Starts 4/23/15–Spanish 2  If you’ve taken Spanish 1, take the next step.
Starts 4/23/15–Spanish Conversation 1  CFU’s Spanish program follow a suggested pattern:  you take two “level classes” where you learn grammar and vocabulary and then a “conversation class” where you practice the grammar and expand on the vocabulary.
Starts 4/27/15–Spanish 1  This is a daytime opportunity to take the class.
Starts 4/27/15–Spanish Conversation 1  Another opportunity to practice the grammar and vocabulary you learned in Spanish 1 and 2.
Starts 4/27/15–Spanish 4    Learn the present perfect tense, indirect object pronouns and possessive pronouns. Expand your social conversational abilities by learning new uses of adjectives and using verbs like gustar.
Starts 4/29/15–Spanish 1  Another opportunity to get started with your Spanish.
Starts 4/29/15–Spanish 3  Learn lots of fun and useful phrases at an easy pace. Among other topics, we will cover idiomatic expressions with the verb tener, reflexive verbs in the present tense, th e present progressive tense and how to ask for directions.
Starts 4/29/15–Spanish 5   Study the preterit tense and begin to speak about events that occurred in the past. Continue to broaden your vocabulary, read and discuss short conversations and build your communication skills. You’ll also learn about por and para, direct object pronouns, and command forms.
Starts 5/5/15 (5 weeks)–Spanish 1 & 2  In 5 weeks, coming twice a week, you can get a big jump on your Spanish language skills.  This session is a daytime class for those who can come during the day.
Starts 5/16/15–Spanish Conversation 2  This conversation classes reviews and gives you a chance to practice the grammar you learned in Spanish 3 and 4.
Don’t see a class that fits in your schedule?  We have many more.  See all the Spanish classes to find the level you need at a time that works for you. 
And check out a way to save money on classes:  The Spanish 3-pack.