Paul-MladjenovicPaul Mladjenovic’s goal is to help you prosper.  On his website, he explains:
“Passive wealth-building means that you make your money and assets work harder for you! This includes utilizing investments such as stocks, ETFs, etc. and related vehicles and financial strategies to increase your prosperity.”
“Active wealth-building means that you actively use your time, efforts and talents to earn money either full-time or part-time. This includes working better at your job or starting a business in your spare time.”
“This two-pronged approach is the best way to prosper!”  Paul’s offers seminars at CFU that help you on both fronts:
3/20/15–The $1,000-A-Day Consultant  You’re already an expert in what you do, turn that expertise into a full-time or part-time consulting business.
3/20/15–The $1000-A-Day Seminar Leader: Create Profitable Seminars and Workshops  Take what you know and turn it into courses that you can offer in person or online and augment your income.
3/21/15–The $50 Wealth-Builder  Paul teaches and slow and steady strategy for building your wealth for the long haul.
3/21/15–Ultra-Investing Using Options  This can be a riskier form of investing, but Paul gives you tips on how you can succeed.
3/22/15–Zero-Cost Internet Business:  Make Real Money in Your Spare Time  With a computer and internet, you can launch a full- or part-time business from home.
3/22/15–Cash Flow Power:  Creating Passive, Residual Income the Home-Based Way  Learn how you can create passive, residual income by taking advantage of powerful business strategies that take only an evening or a weekend to implement.