Money gift--dreamstime_Igor ZakharevichWEBDo you love browsing thrift stores?  Then you know that there are a bounty of treasures within those funky shops.  This weekend is the last chance to take “Make Money from Trifting: Modern Day Treasure-Hunting” here at CFU.  This fun, action packed class starts in the classroom for a couple of hours where you’ll learn about what items to look for and how to determine if the item has value or resale potential before you buy it. Discuss where to sell your item, with special emphasis on eBay and Amazon, and how to price it. After a lunch break, meet up in a local thrift store where you can get hands-on help deciding whether to buy or put it back on the shelf. If you are looking to save some money, make a little money, or start a business this is for you!