Emilie Hagny Downs on MessagingEmilie Hagny Downs presents a session on messaging, titled “If Your Customers Don’t Understand You, They Don’t Buy from you.”  Get the flavor of what she will discuss from her blog post: Speak My Language

Speak My Language–Emilie Hagny Downs

Sometimes it may feel like our customers don’t understand our brand message. It is so important to tune in to our customers’ perceptions and needs so that we can speak the same language! Here are 3 keys to a strong brand message to get you in the same mindset as your customers:

1. Simplify

The reality is, what sounds simple and straightforward to us, is not simple or straightforward to our customers. If your customers don’t understand you, they don’t buy from you.

If you can’t explain what you do to a five year old, you have not simplified your message enough. Now, I’m not saying your customers are like five year olds and I’m not suggesting you “dumb it down.” However, adults have very little time or patience for learning new concepts, especially if they can’t immediately understand the benefit. Get it down to one sentence. Trust me, it can be done and you’ll be better off because of it. 

2. Speak to your customer’s values

This one gets missed all the time. We think we’re talking to the customer but we aren’t speaking to their values. If your brand message speaks to their problems—their pain, they will hear you. In order to accomplish this, you must uncover your client’s biggest desire and speak only to that desire. Succeed and you’re likely to cut your sales cycle by half.

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