atalog shows all the new classes at CFUCheck out the new classes at CFU.  We’re always bringing on new instructors and new classes at CFU to give you new skills and perspectives.  These new classes compliment the other quality, affordable skill-based and enrichment classes that we offer.  Here are the first sessions of these new classes at CFU.  If these dates don’t work for you, most of these classes will be offered again later in the year and in January. 
9/18--Discover Your Dream Job: Using Your Interests to Develop Your Career (#1945W)
9/26–The Nuts & Bolts of Starting a Business (#3284A)

new teachers at CFU

Stephanie Green and Victoria Englehardt

Starts 9/28 (3 weeks)–Beginning Genealogy: Find Your Family (#1926A)
9/30–Women & Money: The New Money Path of the Feminine (#4121A)
9/30 & 10/7–Fully Present: Mindfulness for Daily Living (#2495T)
10/1–Introduction to Skype:  Communicate with Family, Friends & Colleagues (#1925A)
Starts 10/3 (4 weeks)–German for Beginners (#4168AU)
10/4–House Hacking: Get Started in Real Estate Investing with Very Little Investment (#3122P)
10/7–Ghosts Caught on Film: A Look at Spirit Photography (#5211V)
new teachers at CFU

Left to Right:
Timothy Coble, Leah Klocek, Sandi Miller, Cathy Black, Charles Roberts, Silke Bates, Randi Samuelson-Brown, and Chris Lopez

10/13–Set the Scene:  Writing About Place (#2096N)
10/16 & 10/23–Feng Shui 101: All You Really Need to Know (#6562AF)
10/27–Beautiful Block Printing (#1235S)
11/1--Marketing 101: How to Develop an Effective Plan (#1987I)
11/8–Inbound Marketing for Small Businesses (#3731O)
11/10–So You Want to Write A Book: Get Your Book Written & Published (#1999T)
11/18–Microsoft OneDrive and OneNote (#3446G)
12/9–How Valuable is That Coin: An Introduction to Coin Collecting (#6621BL)
Starts 1/7 (4 weeks)–Introduction to Creative Writing (#2010A)
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