paul mladjenovic

Paul Mladjenovic

It’s November, which at CFU means lots of special events including a visit from one of our favorite speakers on building wealth and entrepreneurial skills, Paul Mladjenovic.
If you missed Paul at the UnJob Fair–or even if you saw him there–come down and take one of his in-depth seminars. Paul is a certified CPA and has decades of experience as a wise and creative investor to share with students. He’s also a dynamic entrepreneur and home business consultant whose new book is Micro-Entrepreneurship for Dummies.
Here’s Paul’s line up:
November 15, 2013: Zero Cost Marketing
November 15, 2013: How to Generate Passive Residual Cash Flow
November 16, 2013: The $1,000-A-Day Consultant
November 16, 2013: Succeed as a Micro-Entrepreneur
November 17, 2013: Ultra Investing Using Options
November 17, 2013: Zero Cost Marketing Internet Business
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