powerful presentations class in Denver, teacher Joan Janis

Joan Janis

HOW TO ROCK THE ROOM: Give powerful presentations

Are you an entrepreneur, or sales pro who wants to learn how to stand out from your competition with charisma and give powerful presentations to draw clients and opportunities your way? Learn to control feelings of stage-fright, and project confidence so that you can shine and be HEARD, whether in a one-to-one conversation, at a networking event, or in front of a large audience. Discover everything you need to be an exceptional listener, and how to create interest in what you are about to say next.  Benefit your business, your income, and your life!
 Joan Janis, ‘The Communication Specialist,” teaches entrepreneurs and savvy professionals to promote themselves through shameless, authentic, self-promotion. Joan started her own business in the mid-nineties, after identifying a need for practical, down-to-earth professional coaching on how to present yourself in large and small settings. Based on her experience winning many speech contests and speech-evaluation awards, Joan had the confidence to enthusiastically pursue her love: teaching people to self-confidently promote themselves by increasing their natural skills as superior communicators.
Take her class to find out how to give powerful presentations in any setting. 
How to ROCK the Room!: Speak, Connect & Get Ahead is offered Feb 17, 2018 10am-12:30pm (last chance!)
Joan is about to publish her first book, helping people to have a powerful presence, Rock the Room. 
Students have told us about Joan’s class and it’s impact on their ability to give powerful presentations:
“Joan was very lively and did a great job to incorporate into my current facilitation.”
“She was enthusiastic and very good at giving vocal examples of what she was talking about.”
She provided “tips to use in everyday life to overcome specific challenges.”
“Joan is an excellent instructor and give it her all!”
“Well prepared.  Presented subject matter very well. Gave great communication tips.”
She showed us “how to create a powerful presence through a variety of aspects…voice, tone, body language.”

powerful presentations: