CoupleRealize the power of your connections with great relationship classes. No matter if you are a single or partnered, young or old, your connection to others is one of your greatest life experiences.
Find out how you can deepen or improve your relationships with these 6 great upcoming classes:
If you or someone you love has ADD, AD/HD or other neurological issues, this class can make a world difference in understanding how these cognitive conditions affect your connection.  August 17: Coping with Neurological Issues in Your Relationship
Assertiveness helps you get what you want and deserve. Best yet, it is a skill that can be learned. Join Dr. Helen Hand for  August 22: Assertiveness Training for Everyone
Without boundaries, you are a dormat. With too many, you build up walls to the world. Come learn how to set healthy boundaries with therapist Sarabeth Bjorndahl on August 29: Take Control of Your Life: Set Healthy Boundaries
Communicating–really, truly hearing and sharing with another–is a skill to be developed and cherished. David Steele has been working on the principles he shares in this class for years. On Sept 7: The Key to Intimacy: Compassionate Communication
There’s nothing like the power of touch! Learn to give and receive a great massage with your partner from professional masseuse Elizabeth Leaneagh. On Sept 8: Couple’s Massage
Learn the secrets to powerful, loving, long-term relationships. Find out your love language as a couple and how to fine tune it. With Revs. Jody Stevenson and Scott Awbry. On Sept 9 & 16:  Love, Intimacy and the Power of Connection
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