The universe has laws which apply to everyone no matter who you are. In Sharon Cheneyorder to manifest your wishes, you need to be aware of these laws. For example, the Law of Gravity is in effect no matter where you live. We all know that if you throw something in the air it will fall down.
The Law of Attraction is another universal law. Your thoughts are waves of energy that emanate from you. Your thoughts go into the surrounding field of energy in which we all live. Since the Law of Attraction is always at work, your desires go into the energy field to find the best possible matches. If your desires are unclear, there will be difficulty to find the perfect match as there will be too many possibilities that might fit. This will result in getting something close to what you want but not the whole enchilada as they say.
Ordering from the universe is the same as ordering in a restaurant. If you want to eat you must tell the waitress what you want. She will not bring you any food until you place your order. If you order a sandwich and you do not tell her to hold the mayo or toast the bread, you will get it whatever way the chef makes it rather than the way you would prefer. We seem to understand how to order in a restaurant but when it comes to ordering from the universe, we often do not put in our order, our requests are unclear, we do not know how to take advantage of universal laws, and we are not aware of what is preventing us from manifesting our desires.
Some people seem to believe that what they want will arrive at their door step through fate with little effort on their behalf. They believe God decides what will happen to them so they can just sit back and do nothing. If you are one of these people, you may be waiting a long time for your wishes to manifest. In the mean time, you may feel like you never get what you want or you may become angry with God for not fulfilling your desires. There is nothing to be gained in blaming God or seeing yourself as a victim of life. It would be much better if you made some effort to achieve your goals yourself.  
Fate is the actualization of a plan we made before we incarnated. When we meet someone at the perfect time, we feel it is the hand of God at work. As souls, we all choose who we will meet throughout our lifetime in order to maximize our learning. When we meet the person, we say it is fate because we forgot the plan we made while still in spirit. Fate should not be mistaken for manifesting.    
Another universal law that states Energy Follows Thought. Wherever we put our energy is where things happen. So if you do not put in any energy or effort, you will not get much back. When you say I want a new car and you do not do anything to achieve that goal, that request is less likely to manifest because you have not invested much energy into its realization. The more energy you spend focusing on a desire, the greater the chance it will manifest.
All thoughts are waves of energy so do not think that if you did not verbalize your thoughts, they do not count. Every thought tries to manifest which is why we should be conscious of what we are thinking all the time. Any negative thoughts you hold about yourself or others will manifest and result in your creating karma or preventing yourself from receiving what you want. If you have a negative belief about yourself, just think how many times you repeated that belief to yourself and how much energy you invested in its manifestation and its resulting spin offs.
Another factor preventing manifesting is a lack of self love. When we do not love ourselves and are not heart centered, we are not open to receiving, and therefore will not manifest what we want. Receiving and loving ourselves are directly proportional to one another. The more we love ourselves, the more we feel we deserve to have what we want and the more open we are to allowing into our lives. The more we love ourselves the less dependent we are on others to give us what we want. This leads to our feeling happier and more fulfilled.
To make sure you are open to receiving, remain positive at all times. If you are a negative person, you will attract someone who is negative or treats you in a way that is compatible with the way you see yourself. So if you have any tendency toward being negative or seeing yourself as less than perfect just the way you are, be sure to work on yourself to improve these beliefs so that you can attract the person you really want and not one that reflects your negative beliefs. It is not the job of others to fix what it wrong in your life. That is your job.
If you desire a new partner in your life, do not tell yourself he or she will not want you because I am too fat, not sexy enough, not educated, have no money or anything else you think is wrong with you. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder not the beholden. Why not let the other person decide how they choose to see you?
Ask and You Shall Receive is another universal law. When you ask for what you want you have a much better chance of getting it. While it is not a guarantee that if you ask for help you will get it, but your chances of getting what you want are markedly increased. If you fail to ask, it is like expecting the person to be a mind reader and know what you want. So be sure to ask for what you want as you have nothing to loose.
Here are some simple rules to manifest what you want. Find some quiet time to sit down with yourself and decide what it is you really want. Think it through carefully and be as detailed as you can. If you are vague or unsure, you can manifest a mess instead of what you desire. You can change your mind at any time but when you are asking for what you want, try to be as clear as possible.
For example, if you want a new job, ask for one that is near your home, with the hours you prefer, with the financial compensation you deserve and to work with people you would enjoy. Create a job where you would be acknowledged and appreciated for your work, where there are opportunities for advancement and so on. Ask for everything you want. Then let go of your wish and wait for it to manifest. It is a law of nature that you cannot destroy energy so your thoughts will be out there looking for the perfect match.
Manifesting is occurring much faster these days because of the higher frequency energy on the planet. So put in your request and see how long it takes for it to manifest. If it does not manifest in a reasonable amount of time, look within to see if you are thinking or doing anything that would be contrary to receiving what you want. If you have any fear about loss if you get what you want.
Things to avoid are telling yourself you will not get what you want because you do not deserve it, you always have bad luck, things did not work out for you in the past, or because your desires are unrealistic. Even if you cannot see how your desires can possibly come true, that should not prevent you from asking for what you want. Sometimes things happen when we least expect them and in the most unusual ways.
When we believe we cannot have what we want, that thought manifests instead of what we desire. So be sure to monitor your thoughts. Remember ordering from the universe is the same as ordering in a restaurant. When you order in the restaurant, you do not sit and worry if they will not bring you your order. You wait knowing that you will get what you ordered.
Manifesting involves trusting that your all requests will manifest at the perfect time for your soul’s highest good. The perfect time may be now or later on. Sometimes if we manifested what we want immediately, we would not be prepared. For example, if you want a new love, you need to be sure your heart is open and willing to love this person completely. If you only want a new partner because you are lonely, unable to cope, desire attention or sexual fulfillment but are still in love with an old partner, then you are not ready for a new love in your life. Someone may show up but the relationship will not work well because you are not ready.
If you have trouble to understanding what may be standing in your way of getting what you want, I could help you recognize any obstacles standing in your way. Sometimes an outside person sees you in a different light than you see yourself.  Join me in class in Denver in September.