Hailing from Santa Fe, Sharon Cheney is a psychic medium who  was born with special abilities and the sincere desire to help others. She developed her gifts through her education in the metaphysical and academic fields.

Sharon holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and is an ordained minister with the Priests of Melchizedek. She has been teaching spiritual development class for 20 years at community colleges in Canada and the U.S. and presents her material in a way that is easy to understand and highly entertaining.


Sharon changes up her classes with ever visit. Here is Sharon’s line up of psychic workshops for April 2013:

April 4:  Spirit Communication–Receive a message from your spirit guide or a loved one.

April 5: Discover Your Psychic Abilities–Learn about spirit guides, auras, telepathy & other psychic gifts.

April 6: Finding Your Life Purpose–Why are you here in this lifetime? Come learn more about your soul lessons this time around.

April 7: Life on the Other Side–Explore what we can learn from death & near death experiences.

April 6: Love is the Answer–All about this most marvelous and complex emotion.