Howard Berg is the World's Fastest Reader!

Howard Berg is the World’s Fastest Reader!

Speed reading & accelerated learning postponed! Howard Berg will come again to Denver on January 24 & 25, 2014.
Howard Stephen Berg returns to Denver this October 11 & 12 to teach his well-respected speed reading & accelerated learning programs.
Howard developed his accelerated learning programs after studying psychology in college and then teaching science and computers for 10 years. He is on record as being the “world’s fastest reader” and you might have seen him tackling the healthcare bill on FOX news a couple of years ago.
Thousands of students have improved their reading speed and comprehension by taking his class, and improved their overall abilities to process information.
Take a minute and watch Howard in action on a recent appearance on FOX in Tampa Bay below. Then be sure to not to miss his classes in October!