There are a lot of creative ways to make extra money and Steve Veltkamp is a huge resource for those seeking small business ideas and income. Jump into one of his three-hour seminars and leave buzzing with both the inspiration and practical steps toward making that extra small business income a reality.
What many find so inspiring about Steve’s approach is that he is one of the originators of the idea that you can have several small business streams that make up your entire income and work picture. This is a very freeing and creative way to look at work for many people. Of course, if you want to go whole hog into one particular venture — his ideas and advice can help with that approach too.
Steve Veltkamp visits us from Washington state a couple of times a year. This spring he offers four of his most popular recent workshops:
Sidelines for Seniors (5/22/18, 2-5PM): Being retired doesn’t mean you can’t make a bit of dough. In fact, many of the ideas presented in this seminar can make a huge difference in your retirement finances picture.
Sell Your Stuff on Facebook, Craigslist, Amazon, Etsy, and Other Non-eBay Sites (5/22/18, 6:15-9:15): Whether you want to just clean out the garage or make it a permanent business, the best resale sites these days don’t include eBay in the list. Find out what makes these sites better and how you can leverage their services.
Small Business Success Boot Camp (5/23/18, 2-5pm): Just three hours gives you the nuts and bolts of what you need to do and consider to start a small business and have it succeed, all shared with Steve’s trademark good humor and no-nonsense approach. You can do this!
Make Real Money as a Social Media Manager (5/23/18, 6:15-9:15): Online marketing, using social media or similar platforms, has become absolutely standard these days. But this type of marketing requires constant noise and re-freshening, something that many business owners cannot do themselves. As a result, there’s money to be made managing social media for others. Join Steve and learn how.
See all Steve’s upcoming events here.