Launch your travel writing career in the exciting class, Become a Travel Writer, taught by local talent Ron Stern. Ron has been a travel columnist for the San Diego Newspaper syndicate. His articles have been published in Shape, Cruise, and Destination West magazines, among others.
Ron gives you all sorts of insider tips on breaking into the travel writing business—from finding online and print publications, to getting assignments, establishing media contacts, creating a portfolio, and more.
Another feature of the class is how to get and enjoy some of the perks of travel writing such as discounted airline tickets or even free trips.
Ron is also a professional photographer who has used his camera skills to document and illustrate his travel pieces. He’ll share tips you can use to sell your travel photos as well.
In addition to Ron’s travel writing class, don’t miss his ever popular Fly Cheap, Stay Cheap, Travel Cheap class and learn how to get great deals from this travel industry insider.