dreamstime | kornwaIf you haven’t updated your computer in a while (or even if you have), you may be surprised at the look and features of some of the new versions of programs you frequently use.Get up to speed quickly by jumping into one of our training classes. Students consistently tell us that our CompuSkills computer classes are one of the best values they’ve found in town for expert instruction at reasonable rates. Plus, our free repeat policy* means that you can come back and refresh your skills anytime up to six months after  your first enrollment
Some of our most popular business software training program trainings are:
Microsoft Excel 2013 — three levels
Microsoft Word 2013 — two levels, plus a special course to help you transition from earlier versions of Word
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 — two levels
Microsoft Office Weekend — learn Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all in one weekend. A great class for a quickie refresher in the big three!
New to web design or boss asked you to start working on your company’s website? Learn what you need to know quickly and efficiently in a web design and development training:
WordPress — three levels, including one for developers
HTML, CSS & JavaScript — intro and advanced
Adobe Dreamweaver
Lastly, a few intrepid folks can “figure out” graphic design software, but you’ll save time and learn some tricks the pros use by taking an in-depth training from  Adobe creative suite design instructors.
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Illustrator CS6
Adobe InDesign CS6
Adobe CS6 Intensive Graphic Design Weekend — all three of the main programs in one class: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
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