update your career with CFU classes

Are you stuck in a career that doesn’t meet your needs? Do you feel undervalued in your job? Is your life in transition and you need to find a new path? Are you ready for retirement, but not ready to stop earning? It may be time to update your career!

CFU offers a number of classes that can give you needed support.  Here are a few upcoming classes:

Purpose Passion & a paycheck: Find YOUR Encore Career (#3167)

Get Paid What You’re Worth! Maximize Your Salary Through Effective Negotiation (#3342)

Professional Networking: Take Your Business or Career to the Next Level (#3133)

Exploring Mediation as a Career (#3343)

Discover Your Dream Job: Using Your Interests to Develop Your Career (1945)

Careers in World Travel: Become a Tour Gide or Tour Director (#8812)

Get That Job! Attention-Getting Resumes & Outstanding Interview (#3103)

Career Search: Learn What Suits You (#3100Z)

How to Become a Thriving Life Coach (#1952)

Discover Your Talents: Develop Your Strengths (#3226)

Notary Signing Agent Training: Make Money Notarizing Mortgages (#3335)

CFU classes can help you make changes in a current career, find a new one, or add additional sources of income.  If it’s time for you to update your career, check out all of the career classes here….