Use social media to market business

Tools to Improve Your Business

To succeed in business today, you must know how to use social media to market business.  Learn how to take advantage of the fact that people spend hours a day online and use social media as a primary way of engaging with the world.
An area of focus in our course programming at Colorado Free University is a great selection of social media training and digital marketing. These days, you can’t do business without learning at least a little about using digital marketing–the social media and other online marketing tools that you can use to get the word our about your business.  Our classes will give you a leg up as you use social media to market business.
See upcoming classes:
Digital Marketing Overview (#1935)
The Keys to Driving Business Through the Web (#1989)
Facebook Business Pages: An Online Marketing Tool (#3733)
More Marketing with Facebook: Ads, Boosts, Events & Groups (3720)
Google Analytics 101 (#1990)
Search Engine Optimization Basics: Increase Your Google Ranking (#1988)
Improve Your Rank: SEO Success Factors (#3472)
Getting Started with WordPress:  Content Management (#3475)
Moving Ahead with WordPress: Under the Hood (#3476)
Blogging Basics: Hands-On Training (#3411)
Blog Your Way to Success (#3337)
Twitter for Business: Find and Engage Your Audience (#3732)
Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business (#3350)
Use YouTube for Effective Marketing (#3725)
Writing for the Web (#2610)
Video Made Easy: How to Shoot and Edit, All with Your iPhone! (#1879)
The Art of Writing a Blog (#3244)
How to Plan a Marketing Calendar that Works for Your Business (#3399)
90 Days to Launch: Planning Your Next Online Marketing Campaign (#3310)
Create a Successful Social Media Manager Business (#3220)
Social Media ROI (#3630)
Digital Marketing Strategy (#1928)
If you’re not sure how to best put together the classes you need, check out our Digital Marketing and Social Media certification training program.  It organizes our classes into a curriculum to help you cover all the bases.  You can just take the courses you want, or go all the way to earn a certificate of completion in digital marketing.  Add on a practicum experience to earn the full Social Media Manager Certificate. Learn more about the certificates here.