Students in Computer ClassLet’s face it, computer software changes all the time, and we all need to update skills now and then. Whether you need to update your computer skills to be more competitive in the job market, to create a dynamite website, to take your art to the next level, or just to feel more comfortable navigating a computer and the Internet, CFU’s CompuSkills computer lab is your place. We offer basic computer skills, Microsoft Office applications, web design, Adobe creative programs, WordPress, blogging, Google Mail and Google for work, and more.
CFU’s courses are hands-on in our CompuSkills labs, fully equipped with Windows PCs and comfortable chairs. Our classes are small (a maximum of 8 students per class), so you can receive lots of individual attention from the instructor. Materials, typically a book, are included in the tuition. All classes are offered in one- or two-day sessions, and offered at a variety of days and times throughout the year: evening, weekends, and weekdays.  You’ll be amazed at how much you learn in just one class. For this reason, CompuSkills’ computer classes are some of the best value per time and tuition spent around.
But what if you don’t get it all the first time around? Or what if you forget what you learned before you have a chance to use it? We offer a “free retake” policy within 6 months of your original class. That way you can go through the material a second time to make sure you absorbed it all.  Free repeats only apply to the same class you took, and depend on space availability if the class is running with regularly enrolled students. You just call us the day before the class you want to retake and we’ll sign you up if space permits (and it generally does).
See the listing of all the computer classes here. And give us a call if you have questions! Our registrars can help you find the best class for your level and needs. Custom training is also available for businesses or individuals. Let us know how we can keep you working and creating on your Windows PC.