Money Management Classes:  Get Money Smart!

money management classes in DenverThe economy moves ahead in fits and spurts.  In this financial climate it’s important to be as informed as you can be.  CFU’s money management classes are created to help you increase your financial IQ and well-being. The experienced professionals that teach CFU’s investing and financial classes give you information that can empower you to be in charge of your own financial future.  Learn to manage your money,  make smart investments, and plan for your long-term future.  We also program classes that help you with the mindset you bring to money.  The beliefs and attitudes you bring to money can have a big impact on your financial well-being.
Get Money Smart: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Well-Being Lisa Sveland guides you to create your own personal money plan that will enable you to achieve financial stability and have funds for the things you want in life.  This is one of CFU’s money management classes that can get you on the road to financial well-being.
Taxes for the Small Business Owner  Licensed tax and financial consultant, Carl Vaughn, created this class for people who have home-based businesses, are self-employed, or sole proprietors. Start with an overview of the records you need to keep for your business. Learn about the deductions that small businesses can take and how to use the Schedule C: Profit & Loss. Discuss how to minimize self-employment taxes and optimize the deductions that your business can take.
Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorneys, Living Wills: Make Sense of It All Gain a better understanding of what planning your estate means, what your options are and who can help you put an appropriate plan into place. Receive practical advice in plain English. Erica Johnson received a JD from the University of Denver and is an associate at the law firm of Ambler & Keenan, LLC, where her practice emphasizes estate planning and probate.
Getting Ready for Social Security? Take This Class First!  Not understanding the ins and outs of Social Security could have severe consequences for your future. In this information-packed seminar Lee Claymore will give you what you need to answer the important questions of when to apply for benefits, what to consider when choosing, whether to take benefits at age 62, and what the impact of delaying might be. Learn also how spousal and survivor benefits work.
Life After Work: How to Create a Sustainable Retirement Income Stream Gain a better understanding of the many different ways you might fund your retirement from your investments and how to integrate it with Social Security benefits and/or a pension plan. Lee Claymore will go into detail on the four main strategies of retirement planning: living off interest (of savings); planning for mandatory vs. discretionary spending; using the 4% rule; and the Bucket Method. Unlike some other retirement planning classes, the instructor integrates all four strategies with social security and pensions.
Retirement Income, Taxes and You! This class explores how you might use different strategies both before and after retiring to make sure taxation does not unnecessarily diminish your retirement income. The class focuses on understanding how different sources of income and different approaches can affect after tax income during the lifetime of retirees, and not on any specific products. M. Shannon Dana, a CFP® advisor and practitioner and adjunct professor at the College for Financial Planning, has more than 15 years’ experience training other advisors and providing financial planning for individuals.
Introduction to Real Estate Investing  Leah Hamilton gives an overview on the essentials of residential real estate investing, including regional price history and trends, current market activity, capital appreciation, depreciation, cost basis, leverage, tax rules for principal residence versus rental property, and terminology used in real estate investing.
Alternatives to Traditional Real Estate Investing  While this class is aimed at people who have already discovered the advantages of investing in real estate, it can also be suitable for those who are simply ready to diversify into investments outside the stock market. A personalized meeting is included. The instructor, Jim Flint, CRS, has been successfully investing in real estate and creating investment partnerships for over 30 years and has experience with real estate in seven states.
Peter J Hughes The Art of the Soul of Money Series  Our cultural training around money has a profound influence on how we experience cash flow. A survival based training blocks access to a thriving experience with money. Identifying, honoring, and releasing the obstacles of our old story is key to creating access to a soul-filled relationship with money.  You can take all five classes in the series or choose the specific classes that will support you the best.  This series is a great compliment to CFU’s other nuts and bolts money management classes.
Paul Mladjenovic Wealth Workshops  Make money and grow money with Paul Mladjenovic ‘s seminars. Paul teaches solid investment strategies and home business skills and development in a down-to-earth and friendly way. He’s a likeable, charismatic speaker who can really deliver practical advice to help you make the most of your working time and investments.
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