Take this workshop to discover the secrets to traveling for free!
Gina Henry is a professional full-time traveler. All her life she wanted to travel, see the world, explore cultures, meet people and LEARN. She gave up a successful – and stressful – advertising career in New York City to pursue this travel passion.  She has been taking FREE vacations for over twenty-five years and has traveled to 93 countries and all 50 states.  She created company, Go Global, Inc., to help other people find affordable ways to support their travel habits as well.  She teaches her programs in over 90 cities nationwide.
CFU is excited to bring this nationally recognized travel expert, writer, and professional speaker to Denver.  Take this unique opportunity to learn over 200 ways to travel for free, enjoy fun work-vacations, and find paid travel opportunities. Get tips on avoiding scams, negotiating deals, and traveling safely.   May 24, 2017 Travel Free & Get Paid to Do It! The Secrets to Having the Time & Money