Drake-&-Lynsi-EastburnCFU has had a long-standing relationship with the Eastburn Institute of Hypnosis.  They have offered workshops and smoking cessation clinics through CFU for many years.  See what they currently offer. We’d like you to get to know the Eastburns.
Drake and Lynsi Eastburn train students to confidently and skillfully practice the art of hypnosis, either for their own self-improvement or to practice as certified hypnotists/hypnotherapists, offering their services to the community in the manner that best suits their occupational goals. They offer certification in both a Semester format consisting of nine weekends over a four month period each year, and also a seven day Intensive format in both Autumn and Spring. They also offer a wide range of post-graduate classes in various fields of specialization to help their students gain additional techniques to enhance their practice. Among these are advanced smoking cessation, working with tensive disorders, empowering elite and aspiring athletes, and therapeutic regression.
In addition to their teaching work, they also offer hypnotherapy to the public in a clinical setting using deep trance states to help their clients change unwanted behavioral habits (smoking, alcohol/drug use, and nail biting, just to name a few), manage their weight, rid themselves of phobias, reduce stress, and deal with chronic pain.
A growing number of their clients are women from all over the world who are having difficulty becoming pregnant. Lynsi Eastburn, author of It’s Conceivable! Hypnosis for Fertility and The 3 Keys to Conception – Pregnancy Against All Odds, is helping many to become pregnant through the use of extremely advanced hypnotherapeutic techniques she has developed over the years, known as HypnoFertility®. For those who cannot visit their clinic in the Denver area, she offers phone and Skype sessions. In addition to working with her fertility clients, she also teaches her methods to other hypnotists.
Drake Eastburn, as well as instructor and practicing hypnotherapist, has presented at numerous conferences and group meetings, and has been featured on various forms of local and national media. He is the creator of a highly specialized smoking cessation program which he has taught internationally. Drake is one of the most prolific writers of contemporary hypnotism, and some of his books are currently used as textbooks at universities across North America. He is the author of numerous books, including The Power of the Past, Power Patter, No Time to Waist, What is Hypnosis?, The Power of Suggestion, and The Therapeutic Hypnotist. Drake is the official hypnotist of the US cycling team Garmin-Sharp, and regularly works with US Olympic athletes.
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