Understanding Electricity in Your Everyday Life

Electricity is everywhere! Understanding electricity in your everyday life is an important part of electrical and fire safety. Do you think 20 volts can kill you? How about 12V? 400V? Actually, 40V is the typical “dividing line” between safer lower voltages and dangerous higher voltages. However, whether a voltage will hurt or even kill you is totally dependent on the circumstances. The usual cause of death from an electrical shock is V-fib (resulting in cardiac arrest) caused by the electrical current passing through the SA Node in the heart. As voltages goes up from 40, other types of damage can happen due to the increase in current – such as burns and tissue damage.

In Electricity 101, we talk about and demonstrate different types of affordable test equipment. This equipment tells you if the circuit you want to work on is energized and potentially dangerous. You’ll learn that voltage is the “electrical pressure” that causes current to flow. You’ll also learn the relationship between voltage and current and that power is the actual work performed by that voltage and current. Since all power eventually turns to heat, it will become clear why the electrical code is actually a subset of the fire code!

Understanding professionals

In communicating with electricians, contractors, or even handy-persons, it is important to understand the job being performed. Also, using the correct terminology can help get you exactly what you need. You may have heard of a 3-way switch, but how about a 4-way switch and why you might want one?

Your main breaker box is where all circuits in your house or business start. Did you know that there are TWO “hot” wires feeding that box? So, why does your power company do that? You’ll be thanking them once you understand how that breaker box – and the devices in your home or business – works.

Understanding Electricity in Your Everyday Life

We demonstrate all of this in detail in Electricity 101. Your body is alive and functioning because of electricity. Your brain, heart, muscles, and so many functions of the various organs do their job using electrical impulses. Understanding the nature of electricity will offer insight into electrical things going on around you every waking minute – for the rest of your life! This is one class you won’t want to miss!

Electricity 101 will help you understand the electrical world around you. This course will also help you communicate effectively and confidently with professionals when the need arises. Electrical and fire safety will be emphasized throughout the class. No need for a technical or scientific background to understand the material presented and it is guaranteed that you will use and appreciate this new knowledge for the rest of your life!

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