Paul Mladjenovic Online Classes

The $50 Wealth Builder

The $50 Wealth-Builder gives you what you need to know to start investing with as little as $50 to get rich slowly! Learn how to invest starting with small amounts in investments such as bonds, stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, real estate and precious metals.

Among what will be covered is …

  •  The 5 things you must do before you invest your first dollar
  •  Mini-crash course for retirement (reaching financial independence!)
  •  How to start on the path toward your first $1 million (the 4 ways to start)
  •   How to start investing in bonds with as little as $25
  •   How to buy stocks starting with $50 (or less!)
  •  Understanding exchange traded funds (ETFs) and why they can be great for most investors
  •  Mutual Funds; How to choose them. The 6 steps to choosing the right one for you
  •  Which types of investments are good (or bad) for today’s economy
  •  How to easily buy income-producing real estate starting with under $100
  •  Buying precious metals as a diversification from paper assets
  •  Included will also be resources to help you you every step of the way

Although there is over 8 hours of content, you don’t need to view or listen to all of it. All the video content comes bite-sized! Most videos are in the 5-9 minute range so you can view as much or as little as you need.

All of this for only $49!

Once you pay for the program, you’ll receive an email with a link to download the information as a .zip. The included .pdf file contains links to the videos. You’ll also get a coupon code to use at to download about 3 hours of audio content to listen to at your leisure.