Feminine power workshop in DenverFeminine Power:  Connect with Your Powerful Feminine Essence

Sabrina’s story

Like most women, I lived a rather typical life – a corporate career, husband, children, mortgage, and a lot of overwhelm and stress. In my attempt to “have it all” I lost myself.
On the surface, I was happy, especially since I had successfully left an abusive marriage and remarried a really good man. Yet, I longed for something more. I had lost my feminine power.
In my quest, I soon found myself being forced into a rollover accident on a mountain highway with two of my children. I called upon my angels and we were divinely protected and relatively uninjured. I recognized this as my wake-up call and knew I was alive for a reason. My soul made a quick trip during the accident and I was given a list of things to do before I go back.
Nowhere on that list was the need to work hard and prove myself worthy. It was time for me to focus on what is truly important in life. I began a journey of facilitating healing sessions, left my Human Resources job, and traveled worldwide to teach others.
Far too often, we have to suffer a major wake-up call that is usually delivered through a traumatic event, big loss, or major health crisis in order to get our attention. The good news is you don’t have to wait for the wake-up call to make the shift to a more fulfilling life.

Women–Masculine and Feminine Essences

In the attempt to do it all, women have activated a strong masculine essence centered on goal-oriented achievement and are sacrificing their happiness, well-being, and desires in the process. This leads to exhaustion, lack of purpose, anger, resentment and bitterness not to mention how it interferes with a satisfying sex life.
Take a moment to connect to your feminine essence at this time. Simply bring your awareness to your power center, located approximately three inches below your navel and back toward your spine, in the center of your pelvic bowl. Take a few deep breaths as you keep your awareness on your power center. Observe how your body feels, the spaciousness available to you as you become more present, notice any ideas or inspirations that may arise. When you embody your feminine essence, you become attractive, grounded, and sensual.
This simple and powerful embodiment practice will help you develop a strong magnetic presence. Access the most attractive force you have within you—your beautiful intuitive powerful feminine essence. Learn to follow your body’s wisdom instead of pushing to make things happen. Connect with women who support you at the highest level and truly see and appreciate you.
You can have it all and thoroughly enjoy it through embodied creativity.
Sabrina Fritts

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