Voice-Over Training in Denver at Colorado Free University

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Voice-over training is available in Denver through Colorado Free University.  If you’ve been told you have an interesting voice, if you like to create characters, or if you want to dip your toe into this form of acting, this is for you.
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There’s lots of work in voice over: commercials, cartoons, promotional videos and more. Good training from an experienced teacher can help you develop your skills and point you toward the best opportunities.  
Bill Smith of the Acting Studio offers a variety of voice-over training opportunities.  You can dip your toe in and see what the business is all about with a one-day introductory class, Voice Over: Do You Have What It Takes?  You can go deeper with a 4-week workshop, Voice Over Intensive.  This course is great for those who are really ready to develop their skills and to work on recording demos so they can break into the industry. Bill also offers a 4-week workshop in voice-over for audiobooks, which is now the biggest area of growth in the voice-over industry. 
Bill will discuss how to set up your own home studio so that you can create demos and work from home.
See what students have said about Bill Smith:

  • “Fun, lots of info, great comments and personality.  He gives good, constructive criticism, makes you want to succeed.”
  • “Amazingly experienced, talented teacher who brought out the best in each student.”
  • “Very eclectic, charismatic.   Good for inspiring.  [I got] a deeper understanding of the commercial voice-over world.”
  • “Wonderful–well-prepared to teach this subject.  A real treat to have someone so educated, talented.  He was kind & helpful. Insightful & enthusiastic.  Funny too.”
  • “Bill is relaxing and sympathetic to those who are apprehensive and new to this subject.  He was great for my nervousness.”

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