Mediation training can be a terrific new career path.  Opportunities are increasing for trained mediators in many business and legal settings. Now, as you shelter at home, you can take a full, 40-hour online mediation training from anywhere! You’ll get all the information and interactive practice that you would get in an in-person training. Plus, you’ll get experience doing mediation over the internet. Let’s face it, that is the wave of the future.

The August 2021 training is full. Stay tuned for future opportunities.

But mediation skills are not only for professional mediators. Many people find that their careers and professional interactions benefit from what they learn in our professional mediation class.  For example, managers and human resource professionals who want to improve their conflict management skills will benefit tremendously from this week-long mediation training.

Similarly, attorneys who want to develop new skills in collaborative problem solving; therapists and counselors who want to supplement their practices; or educators who want to develop problem-solving skills to use with students, parents, and other educators–all can benefit from the techniques learned in this intensive mediation training

Mediation Training

This 40-hour Basic Mediation course is the recommended minimum requirement for, and serves as your foundation to building a career as a mediator in the state of Colorado. You will learn to modify past learned behaviors, develop basic essential skills, and effectively mediate with minimal mentor support through integration of theory and practice, modeling, exercises, and simulations, and self, peer, and instructor evaluation.

See the Topics here:

Conflict origins
Mediation models history
Mediator roles
Case management and forms
Appreciative and empowerment strategies and techniques
Interest-based and position-based negotiation
Communication “I” messages, active listening and non-verbals
Problem-solving, interest-based mediation process
Memorandum of understanding (MOU) writing
Ethics and diversity
Statutes that govern mediation practice
Unauthorized practice of law
Mediation business and career-next steps

Trainers for this Mediation Training

The Collaborative, Facilitative and Interest-Based Model™ (CFI) is the heart of Phoenix Strategies, Inc.’s services and training. Not only is this model used to manage conflict, but it can be used in our daily, personal and professional activities. Whether communicating with family, friends or co-workers or negotiating to meet goals, this model can bring about mutually satisfying results for those directly involved. Participants will receive a certificate of completion. CLE credits are available for this online mediation training for attorneys (48 General).

Phoenix Strategies, Inc. (PSI) is a dispute resolution business incorporated in 1997 to provide comprehensive, relational and human development training and services. PSI delivers a full array of conflict management services that includes: mediation, conflict coaching, facilitation and conflict management systems design.

PSI holds the US Patent and Trademark Office mark of Collaborative Mediator® used for mediator certification for those on for those who demonstrate knowledge and skills in the Collaborative, Facilitative, Interest-Based Model. Additionally, PSI provides mediator internships. PSI mediators have delivered services for cases originating within federal agencies as EEOC, USPS, BLM, TSA, school districts, city and county courts, non-profits and for-profit entities. who demonstrate knowledge and skills.

PSI was founded by Monica Lichetenberger. Monica has holds a Masters in Management and the following certifications: National Association of Conflict Resolution Advanced Workplace Practitioner, Transformative Mediator™, Collaborative Mediator®, Conflict Dynamic Profile™, and Mediators Association of Colorado Professional Mediator.

Training meets the recommendations of the Mediation Association of Colorado.

The next 40-hour training will be in spring of 2022.

Get a taste of what the training involves and explore what being a mediator entails with this 2-hour intro, “Exploring Mediation as a Career.”

Learn about Colorado Free University’s certificate in nonprofit leadership and administration.