Peter J. Hughes

Peter J. Hughes writes in his Vibe Tune-Up Newsletter:  “Living in a constant state of appreciation is not easy, it will challenge us at times in ways we are not able to sustain the connection. Likewise, living in a constant state of appreciation is simple, and will pay off at times in ways beyond what we are able sustain the connection. If we are not practiced in the discipline of giving thanks as a way of  life, and do not develop the skill-set requited to master the art of appreciation, we deny ourselves sustainable access to a thriving life experience. 

“Its not complicated. However, where it gets complicated is when we project onto the act of appreciation a judgement of value. We create a vetting scale with a “hate” (surviving) rating at one end, and a “Love” (thriving) rating at the other. Our of habit, or convenience,  we tend to spend most our time navigating the middle of this scale, in the comfort zone of what we know, what we believe we are worthy of having, and the “truth” (our truth) of what is possible. Equal to surviving, if not even more so, this middle ground mindset between surviving and thriving runs counter to nurturing and sustaining the health and wellness of every aspect of our life.  

“The most generous and loving Universe does not distinguish between good or bad, right or wrong, big or small, worthy or not. The Universe is a “Yes!” machine whose function, by Divine design, is to provide all that we desire. Desire, being that to which we give our focus. 

“What we give our focus to is informed, most often unconsciously, by our free will to choose. We will never be told by the Universe what we should or shouldn’t do, desire, or choose. It’s up to us to decide what we desire, its on us where we direct our focus, and its for us that the Universe provides a match to that which we have given our focus. 

“Thanksgiving is easy the one day of the year when the collective consciousness is on board with filling our plates from the buffet of abundance. However, giving thanks as a way of life requires of us to be on a 24/7 broadcast of appreciation, not only for the obvious, but even more so for the subtle or obscured. There is abundance in everyone and everything, sometimes we have to look a little closer, focus a little a harder, to see it, however, it is alway there to be found, appreciated, and claimed. 

“We always find what we’re looking for, and everything we find is a match for that to what we give our focus. When we stop arguing for our limits, by justifying why it is too hard to be in a constant state of giving thanks, we create the mental and emotional clearing to spin fear into Love. The key to mastering the art of abundance, thanksgiving as a way of life, is to always and in all way be more interested in finding the gold in each moment.  Life is a treasure hunt, thanksgiving the map, and abundance the experience. 

“Lets get to it.”

–Peter J. Hughes.


Peter J. Hughes is a master change facilitator with over 17 years of vibe-alignment and facilitation experience.  Join him on Monday Nov, 25 in anticipation of the holidays, for a lively conversation Vibe Tune Up: Spinning Fear into Love and Living a Thriving Life

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