Course Proposal Guidelines

The Quick Facts About Creating a Course Proposal

Colorado Free University is a community-driven learning network and we ask prospective teachers to submit course proposals to be considered for inclusion in our program.  Once CFU determines that there might be interest in the course, CFU works with teachers to organize the specifics and present the best courses possible.

CFU is an independently owned, non-accredited, adult learning center. Most of our classes are short session or seminar style, and all instructors are independent contractors.

If you are thinking of becoming a CFU instructor, please submit your idea(s) for a CFU course to us for consideration. Each course idea should be submitted separately by emailing us at

The deadline for submission in the Late Fall/early Winter 2023/2024 catalog is Friday, August 21st, 2023. Submit your proposal early for first consideration. However, you may submit a proposal at any time to be considered for the next review/contracting period.

Please use the course proposal information below, and be as thorough and specific as possible.

Course proposals should include:

  1. Your Contact Info: Full Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, Phone Number & E-mail Address.
  2. Proposed Course Information:
    • Possible Class Title
    • Topic Content: Clearly indicate what you will be teaching in class, in outline form.
    • Time Frame: Include in your outline how much time you expect each point will take.
    • Teaching Style: How you will be teaching class? (demonstrations, interactive exercises, hands-on activities, traditional lecture style, a combination of techniques, etc.).
    • Location: Indicate where you would be teaching (CFU campus, or another location you arrange) or whether the class would be offered online.
    • Materials: Include a detailed list of what materials you will provide to students, and your cost. Please indicate what would be required and what would be optional. (Required materials are those students MUST have for the class. Optional materials would not impact the class experience either way, but would enhance or expand on the class, if students choose to purchase them).
  3. Background & Qualifications: Please include your background & qualifications for teaching in general, as well as the details of your qualifications to teach the particular topic you are proposing.
  4. Sample Course Description: In 150 words or less, descriptions should clearly explain the “what” (what will students learn) and “how” (teaching style) the information will be taught in class, while enticing potential students to take this course. Also, the description should include a sentence or two with the teacher’s name and their qualifications. Take a look at a CFU catalog or our website to see the form and style of our course descriptions.

CFU reviews proposals in cycles that are coordinated with the publication of our seasonal catalogs. If CFU thinks your idea would be an appropriate addition, you will be asked to give us more information about your ideas and contacted in order to arrange an interview to explore your ideas further.

CFU looks for new courses in areas not already covered, or areas that compliment (rather than compete with) existing courses. Study our latest catalog and note areas covered already, and those that are not fully represented. If you want to teach a class in an area you don’t see in our catalog or on our teachers wanted list, please email us. We’ll let you know if we’re seeking such a class currently, or if we may in the future.

The Teach a Class page lists areas where we are actively seeking instructors. We also welcome unique and new ideas, as long as we feel we have the market to enroll them. Even if we turn down your initial proposal, we invite you to propose other ideas that you think may work well at CFU.

If you have further questions concerning the process of becoming a CFU instructor, please let us know.

Thank You!