Ten Teacher Benefits

Why You Should Teach at CFU

Our top Ten Teacher Benefits for sharing your expertise with the community:

  1. It feels wonderful to share important and valuable information, as well as your skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm with the community.
  2. You learn:
    • By preparing to teach—all the organizing improves your grasp of the content.
    • From your students—many are smart and knowledgeable.
    • From other CFU teachers (if you participate in the Teachers Learning Exchange).
  3. Classes create great opportunities to make new friends.
  4. Your reputation grows in the community:
    • Being in the CFU catalog gets you known.
    • Your students get to see you in action.
    • Word of mouth spreads your reputation as an expert, a fun and engaging teacher, and as someone who gives back to the community.
  5. Your building reputation helps you land other opportunities such as speaking and teaching gigs, collaborations with other teachers or students, and possibly even jobs or spouses from class connections.
  6. Classes are golden doorways to writing books—use class experiences to generate documents.
  7. Being a CFU teacher gives you credibility when conducting outside research.
  8. Students often seek an ongoing fellowship or client relationship with teachers they have learned to value and trust in class.
  9. Teacher benefits are effective when the first catalog their course is published in hits the streets:
    • All instructors have the option of participating in the Learning Exchange Program (an opportunity to take other participating teachers’ CFU courses tuition-free on a stand-by basis).
    • All instructors automatically become CFU members.
    • Receive 50% off tuition for CFU core courses.
    • Receive 30% off tuition for CFU Spanish Center and/or CompuSkills courses.
  10. Although instructors won’t get rich by teaching at CFU, there is a lot of great opportunity to meet new people and what teachers do get paid can certainly add up!