Kevin Lowry teaching Improv 101 starting September 8, 2014.

Kevin Lowry teaching Improv 101.

You don’t have to have a funny bone to join an improv class. Just be willing to join in some fun “improv games” with fellow classmates and see where it goes–that’s the beauty of the medium.
Improv takes on two forms–short form or long form. Either way, players are given a bit of structure (the game) and then improvise dialogue, actions, and sometimes a story,  around it. Improv forces participants to really listen carefully, anticipate, and think quickly all while trusting one’s fellow players. The skills you hone in improv can be ones useful in everyday life.
Starting September 8, 2014 (runs four weeks, once a week, ending Sept 29), you can learn improv basics in Improv 101, taught by Kevin Lowry, a veteran of the Denver improv scene. You’ll play lots of games in this class, and have a chance to learn long and short forms. There’s no pressure, and class is perfect for absolute beginners or even the mildly curious. This is the last chance for Improv 101 this fall, so sign up now!

Amy Angelilli

For a totally different, but complimentary, approach, check out Amy Angellili’s Improv for Everybody: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life on September 14, 2014. Amy’s class is a bit different from just learning improv basics– she focuses more on the communication and social skills that you can build as a result of doing improv. Her class is one-session and a great way to get your feet wet and just try it out.
Whichever you choose–you’re never too old or too serious or too awkward or whatever to benefit and enjoy an improv class. Sign up today!