Jennifer Croft

Jennifer Croft has helped hundreds of people get their businesses started and has started a number of successful businesses herself.  In her highly practical, 2-day workshop, Business Start Up Boot Camp, you’ll take your idea from concept to reality.  Discover how to properly set up your business and how to market your products and services. Find out about pricing, cash flow, financing, employees, taxes, business plans, and more.
Join Jennifer on September 20 and 21, 2014, for Business Start-Up Boot Camp. Students who have taken the workshop in the past have told us:
“The class was exceptional and Jennifer really knows her stuff.”  D.D.
“Excellent teacher.  Makes things fun & interesting with her humor.  You become friends.” B.E.
“Very knowledgeable about the subject and content.  She was able to explain things in an easy to understand way.  [I learned] how to figure in all the costs, taxes, expenses, etc. that go into owning my own business.”  A.H.
“Jennifer speaks from practical application and experience.”  C.H.
If you are thinking of starting a business, just one weekend can be the ticket to your business’ success or failure. Sign up today!