calmlook | fotolia.comCFU provides a wide range of opportunities for you to Explore, Experience and Grow!  You can take just a few hours out of your day or evening and hop into a class that can bring new energy and perspective to your life.  Check out a few of our upcoming courses.
8/6/15–Improv for Everybody:  Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life!  Check your inhibitions at the door and discover how to feel more confident, and more fun, in your everyday life. How, do you ask? It’s as easy as playing games. Improvisational theater games aren’t just for actors or comedians. They’re for anyone who wants to be more spontaneous, communicate more effectively, and be more present in life
8/15/15–Hand-writing Analysis for Beginners  Graphology can be a fun and fascinating tool to learn more about your own personality or that of friends and family. Join this fun class and learn the basics. We’ll look at graphology from both a Gestalt approach (holistic and more deductive) and the stroke-trait approach (more inductive).
8/17/15–The Inner Beauty Journey  Beauty in a woman is an inner state of grace that beams from her soul and radiates outwards for all to enjoy. When your spirit, compassion, respect, kindness, playfulness, joy, vitality, peace, hope, and self love shine through, others see your beauty. Certified coach Jena Sawyer brings nearly a decade of experience to this powerful workshop.
Starts 8/17/15 (3 weeks)–Buddhism for Everyday Life.
Learn about Buddhist teachings and practices in a relaxed and open environment. Val Stepien has been studying Buddhism for many years and was ordained in Thich Nhat Hanh’s lineage (the United Buddhist Church) in 2011. She is a psychotherapist who integrates these teachings and practices into her work with clients and into all aspects of her life.  She brings a special touch to this highly reviewed class.