spring rolls with vegetables and chicken on a plateIt can be challenging to host parties and to think up vegan dishes beyond guacamole and chips and salsa for your vegan guests (or for your vegan self!). Come get a slew of new ideas and tasty vegan recipes to whip up for your guests the next time you are entertaining in the November 8, 2014 session of International Vegetarian: All Vegan Entertaining. In addition to vegan-friendly party foods, learn a few vegan side dishes for bigger holiday meals.
Class is taught by the talented Robin Vives. Robin is a personal chef and food historian who has been teaching cooking classes for over 20 years. Students love her friendly, relaxed style and her delicious recipes, many of which she has been collecting from friends and colleagues all over the world for many years.
Robin has been working on her menu for this class. She just let us know this morning that spring rolls are on the menu and something Moroccan and…..well, you’ll just have to sign up and see! It’s guaranteed to be delicious no matter what. So sign up today–even your non-vegan party guests are likely to be impressed!