shoppersOur first class of Making  Money from Thrifting was full of discussion and stories and people giving us their best thrifting stories. There were also those who were beginners but had the hunting instinct to get going.
We had 11 pioneer thrifters who look for everything from Scottie dog collectibles to anything that is worth something in storage lockers. Several people have left over treasure in their home from past generations but the next generation is not interested, so how do you dispose of it with love and respect and maybe a little green stuff–the green stuff that lines our pockets to buy ice cream and the green way to treat the earth?
Making extra cash from the casts off of society, finding the value of an item and balancing the trash output of an affluent society are several reasons that shopping at thrift stores and all the rest of the sellers of the gently used products has become so popular during the “recession” and continued as the economy improved a bit.
Our class learned about numerous consignment stores in the Denver area and the internet avenues on which to sell were touched on. (Take the eBay class at CFU!)
The field trip to the Stapleton Goodwill exceeded all our expectations and students were excellent shoppers!! I wanted to talk them out of a couple of their finds as we went through the UN-shopping section of the trip, but I managed to control the hunter instinct. People poured over the jewelry case with Carrie and clothes sections with me and the Scottie collector scored with several home décor items. ARC is another of our favorites and we will go there soon.
I found a handmade shoeshine kit of wood that I will take to a re purpose/re make store to sell…can’t wait to see what they can do with it. I also found two Chico tops for spring to take to one of my favorite consignment stores.
Carrie and I hope you can join us some Saturday when we offer the class. It is always so much fun to see people who enjoy themselves as much as we do and hopefully make a little spending money.
The next session of Make Money from Thrifting is 4/27--join us for the fun!
P. S.  Remember that people do find items at thrift stores on a regular basis that are worth LOTS of spending money.